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outwork allows you to log your workouts over time, track progress, and more.

How to use outwork

  1. Make a routine
  2. Add some exercises
  3. Start your workout!

outwork 101: Routines

Routines are the "push" in "push, pull, legs"

Routines are workout templates that can be repeated and tracked over time.

outwork 101: Exercises

Exercises are push ups, squats, and curls.

Exercises can be added to routines, or directly to workouts.

Exercises consist of sets tracking "reps" and "weight".

Exercises also have built-in rest timers between sets.

outwork 101: Workouts

Workouts are a day in the gym.

Workouts can be created from a routine, or manually.

Workouts are where you track your data each time you workout.

Customizing outwork

outwork has customizable colors